Due to the spread of the Delta variant, for the safety of our artists and clients (and everyone’s families), properly worn masks will be required for all people inside Chico Lou’s Fine Tattoos at all times. Thank you for your patience!

Chico Lou’s Fine Tattoos is a female owned and operated tattoo studio in Athens, Georgia. It’s located at 1580 Prince Avenue, just outside of downtown.

To book a consultation or an appointment, please email the shop at chicolousfinetattoos@gmail.com

You can also follow Chico Lou’s on Facebook at Chico Lou’s Fine Tattoos and on Instagram at @chicolous

Meet Our Tattooers:

Sara Machen Fogle

Sara Fogle of Chico Lou's Fine Tattoos studio in Athens Georgia. Photo by Twin Hearts Photography

Sara Machen Fogle is the owner of Chico Lou’s. She specializes in realism and portraiture. She is available by appointment only.

Follow Sara on Instagram: @saramachenart

Veronica Hahn

Veronica Hahn of Chico Lou's Fine Tattoos studio in Athens Georgia. Photo by Twin Hearts Photography

Veronica has been Sara’s colleague for almost 10 years. She loves greyscale realism, but she can make any style of tattoo you want a reality. She is available by appointment only.

Follow Veronica on Instagram: @veronicahahntattoo

Darya Kalantari

Darya Kalantari of Chico Lou's Fine Tattoos shop in Athens Gerogia. Photo by Twin Hearts Photography

Darya is our up and coming tattooer. She can tattoo your design or hers. She is available by appointment only

Follow Darya on Instagram: @daryakalantari

Jess Clark

Jess Clark - tattoo artist at Chico Lou's Fine Tattoos studio in Athens Georgia GA

Jess specializes in traditional, fine line, and blackwork tattooing, but she loves working in other styles as well. She is available by appointment only

Follow Jess on Instagram: @jess_clark_tattoos

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18 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Sarah what’s up.It’s been a long time I didn’t realize you owned your own shop. I need to come by and see you one day.


  2. Good morning Sara!

    My best friend and I met during our senior year Feminist Criticism class at UGA because our professor paired us as writing workshop buddies. We bonded over a particular poem called “Diving into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich. My friend currently lives in Chicago (and I am in Atlanta), but this December around New Years, she is headed to town and we wanted to go back to where it started to get the same like “The words are maps.” Tatooed on our bodies (I want to do near my elbow and she wants her right shoulder). I am wondering if we could book you together on the same day and what your availablity is around New Years.

    Thank you so much for your time.


  3. Hello Sara, A niece and nephew recommended you. I completed a 100 mile cycling event last week and want to celebrate it with a tattoo. I’ll be in Athens December 9th. I’m clueless about design. The event was “spin for kids” SFK. 10/15/17. Do you help with ideas? Is there a website I might check for design ideas?
    Thanks Sara, John


    • Hi, John. Thank you for your interest in my work. Unfortunately I won’t be tattooing thew month of December. I’ll be having minor surgery and won’t be back at work until January


  4. Hey Sara,
    My name is James, I was referred to you years ago by Amber Grantham, you’ve done 2 of my tattoos and I was hoping you could do another for me. Today if possible.
    Its fairly simple. I’m looking to get the words “Abisti, Non Peristi” and under that “6/17/49-5/2/18” on my left side rib cage. Its a memorial tattoo for my dad and its very important to me so i only wsnt the best to do it. If you can work me in today please do let me know. My # is (706) 961-1396.
    Thanks for your time.


  5. Hey Sara,
    My name is Daniel and I am interested in setting up a time for a consultation on a tattoo with you.
    I understand that you are super busy so maybe after the holidays?
    Either way let me know what works best for you.


    • Hi.
      Thank you for your interest in my work. I’m currently booked through the end of the year so won’t be doing consultations again until January. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself and forget what we talked about. If you would like to receive an e-mail notification when I’m doing consultations again please sign up. I promise I won’t spam your in-box, just a notification the week before consultations. Also, check the Facebook and Instagram pages for updates when I have cancellations.
      *Be sure to include what you would like to get in your response.*



  6. Hey Sara,
    My name is Josh and I would like to get a tattoo of arrows on the back of my forearm in honor of my children. I have a picture of an example. If you have any spots available I would love set something up.



  7. Hello my name is ashley still. I just got into remission for my long year of battling cancer and now I can finally get tattooed again. I was hoping to book an appointment with Veronica.


  8. I got a sea turtle done by Veronica about a year ago. I would like to add a dolphin right above it on my thigh.


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